Arizona Knights A/C and Heat's Philosophy


Arizona Knights A/C and Heat's Mission Statement

Bringing full value back to your older systems, and showing you the possibilities with newer, more advanced Home Heating & Air Conditioning systems with a focus on professionalism, knowledge, and expertise.

In choosing our name Arizona Knights we took the concept of chivalry as defined as "Purity in conduct and intention". I hope these offers reinforce those intentions throughout your years of service and support with us.

First, for the highest cost repair in any year 50% of that repair will be credited to a new system if a system is purchased by the end of that year. If purchased by the end of March, the following year 40% of the repair can be credited to the new system.

Secondly, we offer a Rewards Qualified Energy Savers Maintenance Program. In the first 90 days of becoming Rewards Qualified Energy Saver 500 bonus point can be earned to be used for the new system 125 for each referral that enters Rewards Qualified Energy Savers Maintenance Program

Enrolling in the Rewards Qualified Energy Savers Maintenance Program can earn you points that are redeemable for all or part of your new air-conditioner and much more. You will receive points equal to 5% of the cost of repairs spent by any referral that you are responsible for. Not just the first job but every cash job for as long as that client continues to use your services and you stay in the rewards program. An escrow account has been established as the funding mechanism to insure that all future promises to you can have 100% reserve.

Standing Guard with you to Protect Your Investments!

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Points (other than bonus points that must be redeemed for a complete system) can be redeemed though Arizona Knights for any new products or upgrades we offer. In the off seasons points are redeemable one point for $1.00 of products October through April. May through September in primary season points are redeemed at a rate of one point for $.80 of products. Repairs are not eligible for point redemption.

Let me elaborate on the other products the products that are chosen to protect your family's health, make you more comfortable and save you money. Let's look at some of them weather stripping, insolation, window film, honey cone blinds and economizers. All of these products reduce the demand for the air-conditioner to do its job so the air-conditioner dose not run as much. That means that it does not cost as much to run depending on when and how your house was constructed and the improvements that have been made the products that we make available for points at no cost can reduce your energy requirements by as much as 70% and that brings us full circular.

Value, lower or no cost equipment with the need for air-conditioning reduced by as much as 70%. With the need being lowered by a significant amount the use of the equipment is lowered and value is increased because the average annual cost of ownership is reduced. This is done with lower energy bills for comfort costs reduced by as much as 70% and the life of an air-conditioner that may be cost free instead of lasting 12 – 15 years going for that 70% longer 20 – 25 years all of this increases value.