HVAC Installation & Repair Services in Peoria, AZ

Arizona Knights A/C and Heat LLC have been in the business for over 10 years and we've dedicated ourselves to learn a thing or two over those years. We've even worked hard to make sure that our staff knows the most up-to-date information about all of your cooling and heating needs. Keeping you comfortable saving your money and more than satisfied is our goal.
Appliances — HVAC Installation in Peoria, AZ

Air Conditioning & Heater Repairs

Our staff participates in continued education and has resources available so you can be confident. We can deal with any challenges we encounter for any brand system you may have. With the changing government regulations some repairs become less practical Arizona Knights will offer you your choices.

Indoor Air Quality

In addition to filter systems, electrostatic products and UV lamps that only catch particles or effect organisms move though or close to them; we offer the technology that was adapted from the space station's indoor air quality system. This system sends out hydroceles and charged particles into every corner of your house. The charged particles cause the dust particles that are too small to be caught your normal filter to gather together so that they are large enough to be caught in the normal filter. The hydroceles are sent out and eliminate the bacteria and viruses in the entire house.
Man Insulating — HVAC Installation in Peoria, AZ


Arizona Knights offers blown in fiberglass insulation. We highly recommend this choice for added value. The DOE recommends up to R 60 for the Phoenix Valley we would suggest at least R 38 to reduce the demand for air-conditioning that increases the life of the system. Then there is the cost of energy savings that in itself offsets the expense of the insulation. This is another way that Knights AC & Heating add value for you!
Window Blinds — HVAC Installation in Peoria, AZ

Honey Cone Window Blinds

These blinds work much like a blanket over the window. They come in many sizes, varied numbers of layers with a wide verity of colors to fit most windows all are custom cut to fit. They allow ample soft lighting to see but soften the sun's rays for your home to become a cozy retreat. We excel in our services and provide you with a warm, homelike feeling without darkening the natural light in your home.
Living Room — HVAC Installation in Peoria, AZ

3m Sun Control Window Films - Prestige Series

Not available through retail stores only from 3-M authorized installers. This product is only sold through contractors that are certified by 3M. Together, with honey cone window blinds, this can be alternative to new windows at a fraction of the price. This product is the next generation.

  • Allows high visible light into your home to provide excellent aesthetics.
  • Multi-layer film block up to 97% of infrared light save energy, increases comfort and protects your belongings.
  • With no mirror like effect keeps HOA’s are happy and your home is attractive.
  • Non-metallized window film does not interfere with mobile devices and no chance for corrosion.